Programs for long-term needs.

  • Physical Therapy clients (post rehab)
  • Spinal cord injured (SCI) clients
  • Parkinson's
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Special needs clients

Comprehensive Health and Fitness Training. 

I provide different types of Fitness services to a wide variety of clients

The “Dan Cantor Fitness” Promise

  • You’ll get a great workout!
  • I’ll translate your fitness goals into a well-designed workout program.
  • You’ll get fit and lose weight if you adhere to the program provided.
  • You’ll improve any chronic joint weakness or muscle imbalances.
  • I’ll provide nutrition advice and strategies tailored to your fitness goals and lifestyle.
  • As your coach, I’ll motivate you to reach those goals.
  • I’ll educate you about fitness and nutrition so that you can continue to manage successfully on your own.

I work with all types of clients:

  • Busy Professionals
  • Couples and Small Groups
  • Overweight Individuals
  • Brides-to-be & New Moms
  • Older Adults
  • Teen Athletes
  • People in Good condition who want to get in GREAT condition!

Welcome to Dan Cantor Fitness, llc
Your in-Home Personal Training specialist 

As an experienced and successful in home personal trainer I can align your fitness needs with your stated goals, develop a personalized program to obtain great results, and provide nutritional guidance to get you to your optimal fitness, body-weight, health, and wellness. All programs including yoga, weight loss, or in home personal training are age and fitness level appropriate designed to help your reach your fitness and wellness goals whatever your life stage or physical condition.

My primary concern is to provide value and gain success for all of my clients. I do that by providing the tools you need to make the necessary changes to your habits and lifestyle that will result in significant improvements to your fitness and appearance in the short term, improve your baseline wellness, and extend your quality of life in the long term.

My programs will increase your strength and muscle tone, help you lose weight, increase your energy level, and transform your physical appearance.