Enlightened Movement ® is a unique system fusing functional fitness to yoga, utilizing multiple props and weights at varying levels of intensity thru the week and day. Lifestyle modifications that increase the energy required during leisure activity through the use of N.E.A.T. (non-exercise activity thermogenesis) more strenuous movement on occasion, and incorporating yogic principles such as breath guided mindful movement to enhance total wellness. 


Multi-modal including strenuous active movement with resistance bands, batons, Indian clubs, kettle bells, foam rollers, inflatable balls of varying sizes, gentle mindful flows, restorative practice, bodywork, meditation and active rest.

Uses primarily full body movements, from body-weight to heavy resistance, open and closed chain, making full use of both isotonic (moving) and isometric (stationary) movements including  deep reaches, stretches, twists and multi-planar full body movement coordinated with breath & mindfulness. There are four basic sections to every class, these are; warm-up, work phase, stretching, and relaxation. This protocol creates benefits to the cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, and neuromuscular systems, releases endorphins and helps to relax the body and generate overall feeling of wellness and ease.

Group classes

Group classes are a mixture of yoga and fitness modalities combined with either traditional yoga props, fitness equipment, or proprietary custom made equipment designed to both stabilize and energize your movement.  Classes can vary greatly based on the class level and combination of props selected for that particular class. A core component of all classes are rhythmic movements that incorporate all major muscle groups of the body. Attention to posture, healthy movement, body balance, strengthening, and flexibility. Most classes will include basic breathing exercises and guided mediation.

Comprehensive Health and Fitness Training.