Yoga Programs offered:

  • Vinyasa Flow for any experience level
  • Body – Breath – Mind programs for holistic integration
  • Power yoga for total body toning
  • Enlightened Movement for increased muscle activation
  • Yoga for stress reduction and body balancing
  • Pranayama Breathing Techniques for relaxation
  • Meditation

Yoga Classes:

Yoga is a proven method of increasing your strength and flexibility, as well as creating that Mind/Body connection that provides the ultimate in well-being. Vinyasa Flow yoga is a style that emphasizes movement through a succession of asanas or poses, and will provide you with a well-balanced body that is lean, beautiful, and strong. Utilization of yoga breath helps to awaken your chakras to achieve balance, create a sense of well-being, and sooth your soul. We can also include Enlightened movement principles and equipment to help you learn and improve your technique and ability to achieve more difficult postures.

Pilates Programs:

Mat pilates is a body-weight resistance modality where movement is coordinated with the breath as in yoga. It can be performed on a carpeted floor or yoga mat, and employs controlled breathing and coordinated movement to build core (powerhouse), arm and leg strength while toning, lengthening, and balancing your body. Mat pilates is a good alternative to yoga for people who have difficulty with deep knee bends and inversions or other postures in the standing position due to issues with their hips, knees or feet.

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